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All equipment on this page is being described as per our standard builds. All of our units are built to order and most of the components can be changed and customized in order to meet our customers’ specific needs. Each unit is dimetcoated, primed, and painted to your desired color. Please contact our sales department for more information about any of our units to discuss variations.

Certified Equipment

We manufacture under a variety of certifications and standards that are recognized around the world. This allows our customers to trust the products we manufacture and feel confident when they bring our equipment in the field. We are always looking to expand on our certifications so if the certification you have in mind is not on our list, contact us and we can discuss a plan to pursue it. Listed below are some of the more popular certifications and standards we manufacture under.

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The CE marking indicates the compliance with European legislation of a product, wherever in the world manufactured, and enables its free movement within the European market.



DNV (Det Norske Veritas) is an independent foundation with the purpose of safeguarding life, property, and the environment.



The Equipment and Protective systems intended for use in Potentially Explosive Atmospheres (ATEX) Directive 94/9/EC provides the technical requirements to be applied and the relevant conformity assessment procedures before placing this equipment on the European market.


-Bureau Veritas (BV)

Founded in 1828, Bureau Veritas is a global leader in Testing, Inspection, and Certification (CIT), delivering high quality services to help clients meet the growing challenges of quality, safety, environmental protection, and social responsibility.


-Class I Division 2

The National Electrical Code (NEC) defines hazardous locations as those areas "where fire or explosion hazards may exist due to flammable gases or vapors, flammable liquids, combustible dust, or ignitable fibers or flyings."


-Zone 2

This is a step up from the safe area. In this zone the gas, vapor or mist would only be present under abnormal conditions (most often leaks under abnormal conditions). As a general guide for Zone 2, unwanted substances should only be present under 10 hours/year or 0–0.1% of the time.


-Lloyds Register

Lloyd’s Register Type Approval is an impartial certification service providing independent third-party Type Approval certificates attesting to a product’s conformity with specific standards or specifications, and verification of an appropriate production quality system.



For more information on the items listed above or others, feel free to contact us.

Class I Division 2 Equipment

We manufacture equipment that is compliant with the National Electrical Code (NEC) requirements for Class I, Div. 2 in groups C and D of hazardous locations. These units have been equipped with a gas detection and power disconnection system that meets the requirements of the NEC and API 500l. This system disconnects power to all equipment if gas is detected in the cab, before a dangerous gas concentration can be reached.

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Class I Division 2 E-Line Unit

This E-Line is similar to our standard E-Line units except it is fitted with equipment that makes the unit compliant with Class I Div 2 regulations. Some of this equipment includes a gas detection system which is connected to visual and hearing alarms if gas levels start to rise to dangerous amounts. This will also shut down the unit in order to avoid any potential harm to the equipment and the operator of the unit. Other design modifications are present to comply with the Class I Div 2 standard.

Class I Division 2 Pump Package

This pump package is modified to comply with Class I Div 2 regulations. This includes the addition of gas detection systems and alarms that can alert the operator if it is operating near dangerous gas levels. This unit will also shut down automatically if potentially unsafe gas levels are detected. Ask our sales team for more details on these units and other units that we can manufacture that are suitable for Class I Div 2 environments.

Wire Line Equipment

We specialize in many different sizes and styles of Wire Line Equipment. Each size and style can be customized further depending on your specific needs. The wire line units listed below are just some of our basic models and can be modified depending on the request. Feel free to contact our sales department for more information on the units below or to discuss other options related to wire line equipment packages.

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A sidewinder is a self contained, all steel constructed, compact, mechanically driven single drum unit without an operator’s cab. The skid will have four point lift, drip pan, protective doors, and sheave guards. The standard engine is a Perkins (4 Cylinder 50 HP diesel engine) that is set up to have an air, or electric start system. It also has an emergency shutdown (ESD) valve and is designed for Rig Safe operations. The drive system will consist of a Borg/Warner T-18 transmission (4-speed). The wire spool used on this unit will hold 25,000 feet of .108 slickline (not included). It will also contain our 8” measuring head, Veeder Root counter and a 2,000 lbs weight indicator.

Single Drum

A single drum unit is a hydraulically driven, all steel constructed unit with an operator’s cab. We provide variations to this unit, such as standard open units with and without enclosed guards, self contained units with the engine on the same skid as the drum unit, electric units, containerized units, and standard and extended cab units. Some of the standard features of this unit are a Funk 4-speed transmission, Vickers hydraulic motor, 16” measuring head with a Veedor Root counter (also in metric), and various drum options for different types of wire depending on what the needs are of the unit.

Double Drum

A double drum unit is a hydraulically driven, all steel constructed unit with an operator’s cab. We provide variations to this unit, such as a standard or extended cab with an open or closed loop hydraulic system, a self contained unit where the power source is on the same skid as the drum unit, a open unit without an operator’s cab, and a containerized unit which is fully enclosed. Some of the standard features include a Funk 4-speed transmission, Vickers hydraulic motor, 16” measuring head with a Veedor Root counter (also in metric), and various drum combinations depending on the different wire needs of the unit.

E-line Unit

E-Line units can be open loop or closed loop. Drum options are available depending on the unit’s needs. Measuring head options include Geo-Log, Benchmark, and Kerr. Electrical system is set up as per customer pending on the computer design and power supply of the unit. Interchangeable drum packages can also be requested. E-Line units may be in a self contained skid or in a two piece unit that uses a hydraulic power pack.

Plug & Abandonment

All of our Plug & Abandonment / Decommissioning Equipment are built with efficiency in mind. With their rugged designs and all steel constructions, they are ready for offshore use as soon as you receive them. These are just some of the equipment that we offer in this category. Please contact our sales team to discuss other equipment for plug and abandonment / Decommissioning Equipment.

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Skid Mounted Well Service Pump Unit


Our skid mounted well service pump units come in two all steel pieces with an easy pint type connection. The operator’s panel is mounted to the rear of the engine skid in a bridge type manner overlooking the power end of the triplex pump. The GD-600 Gardner Denver triplex pump is one of the most versatile and maintenance friendly 600 BHP class reciprocating well service pumps on the market today. Endurance tested to 1,000,000 cycles at maximum load, the GD-600 can meet pumping demands from cementing to coil tubing services.

Sand Pot

Our all steel constructed sand pots are designed for offshore use. There will be fork pockets, skid tie downs, and a four point lifting system. The frame and other steel components will be sand blasted, zinc dimetcoated, primed, and painted to your color preference using a poly-urethane top coat. An access ladder will also be incorporated within the skid to allow access to the topside of the vessel.

Sand Cutting Turntable

This is an all steel constructed skid designed for offshore use. The unit comes with a single hydraulic motor, and flow control valve for adjusting and maintaining constant speed while in operations. All lifting points will be MPI and pull test performed. All steel will be blasted, primed, dimetcoated, and top coated to customer’s color of choice.

Gas Buster

We manufacture various sizes of all steel constructed gas buster units, like the 36” design pictured here. This gas buster design has a build in ladder and platform to allow access to the top of the pipes. Each gas buster will also include the correct sized flanges, hammer unions, and weld caps for proper use. Each unit will have fork pockets and will be sandblasted, zinc dimetcoated, primed, and painted to your choice of color.

Blender Tank

Our blender tanks are typically constructed of 5/16” steel plate that is full seal welded. The top of the tank is fully covered with steel grading and has a hinged hatch incorporated into it. The interior of the tank has a Phenicon high solid epoxy coating. Mixing is accomplished with paddles incorporated on the main shaft which assures the operator of a superior mixture. The mixing shaft is driven by a low speed, high torque hydraulic motor which is controlled through a hydraulic flow control valve mounted in an area which allows the operator to view the mixing while adjusting the speed if necessary.

105 Barrel 3 Compartment Tank

Our three compartment tank contains corrugated walls and barrel markers mounted inside the tank walls. The topside of the tank will be fitted with steel grading and safety hand rails. The inside of the tank is lined with a Phenicon high solid epoxy coating. Also included with this unit are the butterfly valves on the inlet and outlet connections, as well as three Char-Lyn Hydraulic Motors to operate the auger and paddles.

Quick Rig Wireline Trucks

Our Quick Rig Trucks are all steel constructed, hydraulically driven drum package that can also include a boom if needed. These units can be built on a tandem axle or single axle truck, depending on the unit’s needs. The drum package is operated from a cab behind the truck which is separated from the truck’s main cab. Various drum options are available for these units depending on the wire that is needed. Storage compartments allow maximum storing space while keeping the design and style of the truck smooth and presentable. Many customizations are available with this unit and can be discussed with our sales department.

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Single Axle Single / Double Drum Quick Rig Truck

All steel constructed and plated single axle truck with a smooth outer shell for appearance that makes the truck rugged but is still presentable. All steel on the truck is sandblasted, dimetcoated, primed, and painted to the color of your choice. The bed will have multiple tool compartments, rear mounted vice bench, and other accessories. The chassis can be fitted with a two stage hydraulic pump driven from the truck’s P.T.O system. One stage will operate the wireline unit while the other stage will operate the rest of the accessories if needed. This particular unit contains a single drum package that is operated by a separate cab mounted on the back of the truck.

Tandem Axle Quick Rig Truck

Single and double drum packages can also be fitted on a tandem axle truck. With a larger truck, it allows for more working room, a larger operator’s cab, and more accessories and customizations. The longer length also allows more storage compartments along the sides of the truck.

Conventional Wireline Truck

Our Conventional Body trucks are all aluminum constructed except for the drum package, which is all steel constructed. The drum package is operated from a cab behind the truck. Various drum options are available for these units depending on the wire that is needed. Storage compartments allow maximum storing space while keeping the design and style of the truck smooth and presentable. A cover tarp is used to cover the open back of the truck.

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Hydraulic Power Packs

Power packs have many design options such as diesel or electric driven, open or closed loop hydraulic systems, full sized or compact, and the options of being certified under Zone II conditions or completely enclosed. Whatever your specifications may be, we can produce the perfect power pack solution for your needs.

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Rig Safe Power Pack

Our rig safe power packs are all steel constructed in a simple but well protected offshore skid. We can incorporate an open or closed loop hydraulic system on these units, depending on the needs of the customer. Check with our sales team for more options regarding our rig safe power packs.

Zone II (Explosion proof / Hazardous Area) Power Pack

Our Zone II compliant power packs will come with a Zone II certification. These power packs will comply with EEMURA 107, Lloyds Open, Deck Zone, Shell ISO27, BP, Chevron, ATEX, II and OCMA-MEC 1 regulations.

Multi Function Power Pack

Our multi function power packs are manufactured to operate various pieces of equipment. For more information on these power packs, please contact our sales team to discuss further options.

Casing Jack Power Pack

Our hydraulic casing jack power pack operates with two pumps, each being able to push 50 gallons per minute which generates about 5,000 pounds of pressure. Like our other power packs, these power packs can be customized to meet the needs of your particular casing jack unit, so ask our sales team about ways we can manufacture the perfect solution for your needs.

Snubbing Power Pack

One of our more unique designs is our snubbing power pack. With nine pumps attached, our all steel constructed design provides the perfect solution. Like the other units, each snubbing power pack is sandblasted, dimetcoated, primed, and painted with a color of your choice.

Electric Power Pack

This power pack is very similar in design to our rig safe power pack except that it is an all-electric unit. This all steel constructed unit is designed to protect its electrical components while providing easy access to its controls. Like our other power packs, it comes with a four point lift system and forklift fork pockets. Contact our sales team to determine if our electric power pack is the right solution for your needs.

Grease Injectors

All of our grease injector units are all steel constructed, sandblasted, dimetcoated, primed and painted to a color of your choice. Each of these units can be customized to fit your specific requirements so please contact our sales team to discuss how our grease injector equipment can be the perfect fit for your company.

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Moderate Climate Grease Trailer Package

This grease seal package will consist of a single MAC26 GP pump set up for 10K operations with an air operated Power Master 6 Lincoln back up. The main power will come from a Kubota power unit. The trailer deck will be designed to include a three barrel grease tank mount to the front side of the trailer deck. Operator’s panel will contain all grease package controls such as pressure gauges for all grease, air, hydraulic, and engine monitoring.

Winterized 15K Grease Trailer Package

This grease trailer package is very similar to the Moderate Climate Grease Trailer Package, except that it is designed to operate efficiently in colder weather. Both insulated enclosures on this trailer (component enclosure and reel package enclosure) simply pin into position on the topside of the trailer deck. This will give the necessary protection against extreme cold climate conditions. As weather conditions improve, you have the option of removing the enclosures, which allows you the ability to adapt to seasonal temperature change.

15K Grease Seal Unit

This particular grease pump unit is rated for 15,000 lbs. and has a closed in operator’s cab to protect the operator and controls from outdoor elements. These units will also contain a three drum grease reservoir. The main grease tank will mount above the grease pumps with approximately 150 gallons capacity. Suction will be gravity fed and the return will have a discharge for remote dumping.

5K Grease Seal Unit

One of our smaller grease seal units, this unit is rated for 5,000 lbs. This particular unit has a single hose reel and no operator’s cab. The compact design allows for maximum mobility and efficiency when a smaller rated pump can be used for the job. Other designs are available, such as multiple hose reels, as well as larger pumps in this skid type design.

Specialty Equipment

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Hose Reel

Our hose reels can be manufactured for various sizes of hose, including the 4 in. hose real shown here. The reel will be driven via a hydraulic motor and planetary drive box. There will be a mechanical locking pin for safe parking when not in use. The hydraulics will be controlled from an operator’s console made onto the skid with a manual level wind system for retracting the hose in a controlled method. There will also be a removable roller assembly which allows for over the handrail operations.

Compact Wireline Mast

This mast is an all steel constructed design consisting of the main skid, a 40 foot telescoping mast, and a hydraulic winch. This mast will have a max lifting capacity of about 3,000 pounds. The unit is operated from an external power supply and includes retracting wheels for maneuvering on platforms. This mast also includes lock out valves to prevent accidental moving of the mast when rigged and a tool storage box to hold all rigging components and guy lines.

Containerized Work Shop

This unit will have a tool room as well as a generator compartment that will be insulated to reduce overall engine noise and will run the tool room lighting and electrical package for an E-Line unit. The tool room will contain a worktable with a corner mounted vise, an overhead shelving unit, and a 2,000 lbs. roof mounted chain hoist. The generator will be a 12.5 KW generator set with a 30 gallon diesel tank.