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Equipment Spotlight - 5/15/2013
Tandem Axle E-Line Conventional Body Truck
(Printable PDF Brochure)

Side View
Our custom built tandem axle E-line conventional body trucks look just as good as they perform. The truck has an all-aluminum, one piece outer shell design encasing our all-steel constructed bed and drum package. We also add extra support beams and heavier interior material in the drum area to make the truck more robust for the rough roads leading to a well site.
Our trucks use an interchangeable drum package system. This allows one truck to be easily equipped with various drum packages depending on the job's current needs. Toolboxes and strategically placed access panels are fitted into the exterior body of the truck to provide a more convenient and efficient work environment. Side View
Side View The ergonomically designed cab provides all of the controls needed to operate all functions of the unit. The cab can be outfitted with many different options to provide the operator with a safe, efficient, and comfortable work environment.
Each truck is custom built and painted based on your specific needs. This allows us to manufacture the perfect piece of equipment for the job.

For more information on our tandem axle E-line conventional trucks, please call our office at (985) 872-0187 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Welcome to our new website! - 3/20/2013

Our website has been upgraded significantly and we are happy to release it to the world. We aim to update this website as often as possible to provide the latest news and newest products that Gulf Coast Mfg. offers, as well as new images and information about the units we currently manufacture. We hope that this new website will provide more accurate information and be a greater experience for our new and old customers. Check back often to see what Gulf Coast Mfg. can do for you, or simply contact us by using the contact information at the top of our page or on our 'Contact Us' page.